Petition: Let Milan Township Landowners Harvest the Sun

Today, Milan Township farmers and landowners have the right to host solar panels on their property to harvest the sun in the same way that they harvest corn for ethanol or soybeans for animal feed.

However, that right is under threat. The Milan Township Planning Commission and Board are considering restrictions that would force farmers to convert their land to industrial property if they wanted to use a portion of their farmland for solar, even if the solar project was paired with pollinator habitat or sheep grazing.

Add your name in support of private property rights and the economic opportunity that solar projects like Azalia Solar present for Milan Township.

  1. Bringing solar energy to Milan Township will generate about $30 million in new tax revenue for the community—money that can improve schools, support first responders, repair roads, and power better community services. 
  2. Solar energy in Milan Township will support local landowners with a stable source of income, preserving and protecting family farms for future generations.
  3. Building a local solar farm will also create hundreds of construction jobs and millions of dollars in local construction spending, supporting local businesses and contractors.

Sign the petition to let your local township officials know that you support a responsible solar project like Azalia Solar in Milan Township and to VOTE NO on restricting the private property rights of Milan Township landowners.

Milan Township Board & Planning Commission Members:

As residents and property owners in Milan Township, we support Milan Township farmers and landowners who want to host solar energy on their property, including as part of the Azalia Solar project.

We are concerned by proposed restrictions on property owners who want to responsibly locate solar panels on their property as part of a larger project, even though that is allowed by the current solar ordinance that was recently passed in 2020. We ask the board and planning commission to reject further restrictions on solar energy. Don’t change the rules for farmers at the last minute. Please support their land rights instead.

There are many other uses we allow in Milan Township’s agriculture district that are far more disruptive and offensive than solar. These include slaughterhouses, racetracks, storage facilities, and intensive extraction operations. If those uses are allowed, with reasonable rules for health and safety, we can’t see why the township should restrict those same landowners to put solar panels on their property instead.

If the township restricts solar projects, we could also lose out on an exciting economic development opportunity for the township and the entire region. Azalia Solar will benefit our community through dependable farm income, millions of dollars in new taxes to help repair township roads and invest in our schools, and significant construction spending that will support area businesses and create new jobs.

We understand that the project also represents a big change. It will change how some farmers and landowners work their land. Instead of harvesting corn or soybeans, now they will harvest the sun instead. This new crop will be drought-resistant, dependable revenue that will preserve Milan Township farmland for future generations.

Solar is a good neighbor. Solar projects are quiet, safe, and do not negatively impact neighboring properties. They won’t kick up dust during harvest season, they don’t create air or water pollution, and research has shown that they don’t harm property values.

Thank you for considering the positive impact that this project will have on our community. We encourage you to vote no on restrictions that would prevent property owners from participating in a solar project on their land in the agricultural district and urge your support of the Azalia Solar project when it is up for review.

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