Powering Better Schools

How Azalia Solar will support local schools

You don’t need to look farther than Lapeer County to see how solar energy is already powering better schools throughout Michigan. Since 2017, the 50 MW Lapeer Solar Farm has generated more than $3.4 million in new tax revenue for the community, with about $1 million of that total going towards education-related local millages. Solar panels and inverters are taxed as industrial personal property, so they pay all fixed and voted millages, including sinking funds, but are exempt from 18 mills of the school operating levy (similar to agricultural land). The parts of a solar farm that transmit the power after it is generated (collection lines, transmission lines, project substation, etc.) are taxed as utility personal property, so they pay all of the same fixed and voted millages that solar panels pay, plus the school operating levy and the state education tax.

The numbers don’t lie: solar energy is powering better schools across Michigan today. Could your community be the next to see these same benefits?

Over its 30-year lifetime, Azalia Solar is expected to pay between $7 million and $9 million in new taxes to the Milan School district and an additional $2 million to Dundee schools, primarily benefiting the school debt millage. This will help reduce the millage rate over time and reduce the tax burden on residents and property owners in the district.

Additional education-related tax dollars would flow to:

  • Washtenaw ISD - About $3.5 million
  • Monroe ISD - About $1 million
  • State Education Tax - About $1 million
  • Monroe Community College - About$2.5 million

Beyond Tax Dollars

Even before the project is constructed, Azalia Solar is active supporting local schools, students, and teachers by:

  • Donating solar science kits and presenting to all of the 5th grade classes at Symons elementary from Jan-May this year
  • Sponsoring the Milan High School CODE RED Robotics team
  • Sponsoring Milan FFA’s Salmon in the classroom program
  • Funding scholarships for Dundee High School seniors participating in FFA by partnering with the William Root Jr. Foundation
  • Sponsoring Milan High School Drumline
  • Sponsoring the Milan High School Football Program.
  • Setting aside funding for free STEM-focused professional development and training opportunities for local teachers during the 2022-2023 school year.

In Their Own Words:
How Azalia Solar is already supporting schools in the Milan area.

"We are grateful to Azalia Solar for once again being generous in their support of our team. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that Milan students K-12 are able to engage in real-world STEM activities beyond the school day. Local sponsors like Azalia Solar help fund robotics teams in all four schools in our district."
— Jennifer Glushyn, lead mentor for Milan High School Code Red Robotics

“The William Root, Jr. Foundation greatly appreciates the gift of money from Azalia Solar and Apex Clean Energy...with this generous gift, we will be able to donate at least $3,000.00 in scholarships to the graduating seniors of Dundee High School.” 
— William W. Root III

“Thank you to Azalia Solar for generously awarding us this grant for vermiculture supplies. Students will care for the worms/bins, document daily observations and interactions, as well as teach peers, staff, families, and the community the benefits of vermiculture. This hands-on science experience will engage students and pique interests in the areas of science, reading, writing, math, and social sciences. The worm bins will also work to make good use of food waste in our school.”
— Symons Elementary School teacher Elizabeth Miller

“We greatly appreciate the donation towards the Milan High School Drumline. This grant will allow us to purchase drum stands for our instruments, making practices and performances more flexible and enjoyable for both the audience and the drumline. We are very grateful for the generous donation and will keep on making music for our community.”
— Milan High School Drumline Captain Devin Glushyn